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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around world. >> the diplomatic service shocked by a deadly attack that killed a u.s. ambassador. good afternoon everyone. >> president obama promised justice after the attack that claimed a lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans, now embassies in
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seven countries in the middle east and africa on high alert. today they set fire to the u.s. consulate as part of a wave of violent demonstrations over a new film the protesters say insults the prophet mohammad. stevens and a group of embassy employees had actually gone there to try and evacuate its staff during the attack. >> in while youtube has blocked the controversial video that sparked the attacks from showing in egypt. we start with danielle nottingham with more on the international fallout from the state department. >> u.s. officials are investigating whether this was a planned attack. right now the state department has ordered on on the emergency personnel out of libya and the state department is warning u.s. citizens not to travel there. chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya, was killed as the american consulate came under attack. u.s. officials confirm stevens,
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shaun smyth, and two other americans, were killed as they try to evacuate staff members from the complex. shall make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked at people. >> gunman armed with automatic weapons stormed the consulate overnight. a mob of mostly conservative muslims was protesting an american they felt that they believe insults' the profit muhammed. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths. >> stevens was a career diplomat who had already served two tours in libya. the unrest started in egypt, where demonstrators scaled a wall of the u.s. embassy and tore down the american flag, all in the name of religion. republican white house hopeful mitt romney accused the obama administration of sending mixed signals about condemning the attacks. >> administration was wrong to
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stand by statement sympathizing with those that had reached our embassy in egypt. instead of condemning their actions. >> the remains of the u.s. consulate were still smoldering this morning with burned out cars, scattered across the compound. >> the fbi has now opened an investigation into the death of ambassador stephen sid and the three other americans killed. officials are waiting to contact family members before identifying the names of the two others killed in that attack. live at the state department, danielle nottingham, back to you. >> of course we'll have much more on the ambassador, i went to college with chris, he grew up in piedmont, he was the cal graduate. a great guy, he had a smile that would light up a room. quiet confidence, not overbearing, just a good humored human being, and it was
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no surprise that he was doing what he did, trying to bring peace to the world, because that is the kind of guy he was. >> we will learn more about his life in >> lawmakers pause to honor those killed in libya. the speaker of the house let a moment of silence, congressional leaders were gathered for a gold medal honors ceremony for arnold palmer today. and for continuing coverage of the story and much more on a the life of chris stevens, and the daily connections, go to cbs sf .com. cate caugurian will be back in a moment with more on the ambassador. >> other headlines, alameda firefighters rescued a man from a burning apartment building, the fire started around 1:00 a.m., 15 people were left homeless. the cause is under investigation >> you are slandering my brother's name, calling him a parolee when he has never been in prison and he never sold drugs.
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never. that is not right. >> the legos city council had a packed house as they heard from people that are angry that police shot and killed five people this year. the latest death was that of 23 year-old mario romero, he was killed by officers after you reach for what appeared to be a handgun but turned out to be a pellet gun. sandra fell police hope that someone will recognize this man, this is surveillance video from two weeks ago at a shell gas station robbery located at fourth and second street. the suspect used a semiautomatic handgun and got away with a lot of cash. >> the week is over, the new iphone 5 has finally arrived after lots of speculation. it was unveiled in san fransisco this morning and ann mackovic was right there for all of it. >> most of the rumors were true. a lot of speculation about what the new phone would have as far as features, the apple ceo tim
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cooke calls the the biggest thing to happen to the iphone since the iphone. >> to de paso we're going to introduce the iphone 5. >> the call it the world's thinnest smart-phone. 20 some percent lighter than the last iphone with a 4 in. screen, but a battery life, a panoramic camera, and turn by turn navigation. dozens of people gather outside of the events are sold. >> i am waiting for the ability to purchase it. >> i will pre order this on friday even though i probably should not >> bryan cooley calls the iphone 5, evolutionary, not revolutionary. >> it is not that dramatically different than the outgoing one, a lot of serious new improvements in you can see the difference but it is not like we got a first smart-phone we have ever seen or the first ipad, it is hard to constantly reinvent new categories. >> apple is hoping frofor a boot
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from the new iphone shall i believe there's pent-up demand waiting for the phone but not on the market. >> jp morgan says the next iphone could boost the nation's gdp up half a percentage point meeting that apple sales of $8 million in the next three months. samsung, the biggest competitor to apple actually paid twitter a lot of money, to be on the top of the page when anyone searches for the cops apple. and samsung said " we don't wait to release the next big thing ". speaking of, it will take pre orders this friday and shipments start friday after that. >> i guess that we have to wait ... >> but only a few more days. >> good timing for you, didn't your iphone for a break? >> it is getting there. >> the link between drinking too much in your list for a stroke.
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>> a royal buzz in asia, the fans a break hot weather to see prince william and kate on tour. >> a south bay mayor cited for traffic violation, the mistake that he made on his way to work. >> the coast is not clear. we have clouds at the coast but the clearing, and when you can,,
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>> back to the top story, americans are mourning the death of the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. he and four others were killed in an attack on the consulate in libya, he spent much of his childhood right here in the bay area. >> he went on to attend law
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school at uc hastings. cate caugurian joins us live with the ambassadors bay area connections. >> it was here at the uc hastings college where the ambassador went to law school in 1989 after he joined the peace corps. we heard the president and secretary of state call him a world leader. i spoke with his dearest friends that tell us that he is a hometown hero >> i just remember his mother saying " why are you going over there anyway? ". she was tongue in cheek and he said " well, mother, ... to help the libyan people, and to represent the united states interest in this country ". it is such a waste. >> mcdonald's and stevens were roommates for years at uc-
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berkeley in the late '70s and he considered stephens a lifelong friend. >> i just know him that a party that his family had for him when he was appointed, to celebrate the appointment. and, just a tremendous man. such a terrible loss. >> mcdonald shared a photograph with us, taken at his home when stephen stopped by for dinner. >> he always had that smile on his face. >> always with a smile on his face, the optimistic leader, that is how latinos his friend. a smile that the world lost today. >> i lost a piece of myself. >> his childhood friend crop across the street from him in davis california. both friends new the ambassador as an international man but one that had a love for his bay area of routes. >> he was really interested in peace and was really interested in cultures. >> we saw him twice per year, typically he always came back
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to see family and friends. and i felt honored, i feel honored that of course that he would make the effort to check in with us. >> mcdonald says that stephens was the oldest of four siblings in a team from the powerhouse family of doctors and employers, all looking out for everyone else. >> he was selfless, an amazing man, the embodiment of what the american ideal would be as far as the type of rep that we want to represent us in the world. >> the dean of uc hastings sent out his condolences to the ambassador's family and made note that the ambassador intended to come back to his all mother to share his experience overseas with future leaders. back to you. >> thank you very much, on a personal note, i went to college with the sky and spent three years with him in a fraternity house, one thing you don't know about chris was that he could
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palliating. we were both in a musical together. i believe his mother was in the symphony and his dad was a high- powered attorney. still practicing at 80 years old. >> he said that he was quiet but a prankster? >> i guess that you could call him a quiet giant, a big smile that radiated but soft-spoken and i think that is probably what made him so affected over in libya because it was not overbearing. he could reason with people. and try to work things out. and steve, a good friend as well. >> coming up, drinking and the real cost to your health. >> watch the new evidence linking heavy drinking your risk of stroke. >> from the weather center, good afternoon everyone. we still have clouds over russian hill and cloudy golden
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with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> actor dustin hoffman and david letterman will receive the nation's highest recognition for their achievements in the arts. they are among seven artists that were picked for this year's kennedy center honors. david letterman says that there must have been " a mixup ". but he says he is very grateful. >> well deserved. a $35 traffic ticket getting a lot of media attention because it was issued to the san jose
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mayor chuck reed, an officer from this city's police department pulled him over yesterday morning after he failed to use a turn signal. the mayor is taking it in stride saying that all traffic violators should be cited. which is a good point. >> but it was a blinker violation, i don't know. >> maybe he had his hand out the window instead? we are going to go this way and take a look outside at the current conditions in and around the microclimates. right now we are looking at mt. diablo, one of my favorite places to take my bicycle. we have nothing but seamless blue skies and currently, right there in the dublin area, livermore, pleasanton, sporting 76 degrees. sunshine in san jose at 70, a variable wind in santa rosa but clear skies and mid-60's with oakland reporting sunny conditions in redwood city at 65
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degrees. the coast is not clear. we are shrouded with a debt of patchy stratus. we will clear out and then we will have our last summer weekend, it very unseasonably warm one. by tonight, everyone has cleared out from the low clouds and patchy fog, and as we progress through thursday, the clouds are going to stay offshore for the most part. so this leads us to believe that the northwest wind will pick up and produce a slight onshore flow. meanwhile today, a near record repeat, whether repeat, from what we experienced yesterday as far as statistics are concerned. upper 50's and low 60s. '60s and '70s will be common across the peninsula. we jump up to 85 degrees in sunnyvale, saratoga and the low '80s and then the warmest temperatures will be reported around the eastern portion of our district with that northwest wind at 15 .. 91 degrees in brentwood in tracy and oakley
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and 85 in napa valley, that is what we experienced yesterday. but a good four degrees below average in san fransisco with that late day clearing. meanwhile tonight overnight into the '40's and '50's, the extended forecast calls for tomorrow to be the hottest day was 96 degrees in mind, we hang onto the warm weather pattern for the weekend, that is your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. people that drink one glass of wine every day are likely to live longer and have better health is little is good, more would be better? wrong. dr. king explains. >> from martinis and to old fashioned, on madmen it seems that every hour is cocktail hour, it is glamorous, a way of life. but in real life, heavy drinking comes at a cost. a greater risk of stroke, and that a younger age. >> they tend to be very devastating strokes .. >> this study found that heavy
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drinking, at least three drinks per day, significantly increases the risk of stroke and what is more, heavy drinkers had strokes at age 60. 14 years earlier than those that did not drink heavily. >> they were drinking three or more glasses of alcohol and we know that that level, you do increase or blood pressure which can increase your chance of stroke. >> this cardiologist says that alcohol also reduces the stickiness of platelets in the blood making you more likely to bleed. >> you may be more likely to fall down if you have had three drinks, and that could also perhaps lead to more of these problems. >> it is ok to have a drink but not a good idea to have too many. especially for women. >> women tend to be smaller, shorter, and weigh less. the recommendation is for less, generally one drink is considered sufficient for women, where it is usually two drinks daily for men. >> that is good to know.
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prince william and kate continue their trip through asia today. >> they're putting on quite a show, the royal couple is in singapore, touring businesses and community centers and even a biosphere. hundreds waited in the blazing heat to catch a glimpse of the famous duo. the third season of the talk starts this week on cbs >> today we got a chance to talk with two of the hosts and they said that they felt separation anxiety between seasons to and three. >> one week together feels like a lot of time because we really bond and talk about a lot of issues. more than just having coffee with a girlfriend. so the six weeks apart, i wondered when i would see everyone again. and it was like we had not been a part even for a day. >> they miss each other. >> they love each other. >> that airs at 1:00 right here on cbs 5, they came out the other day without any makeup on.
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>> no makeup and in bathrobes. the talk a lot about that. >> warnings for tourists, hang onto your valuables. >> the fine feathered suspect behind a camer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i am at the produce market,
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look at this beautiful display look at these yellow cherry tomatoes. i love them mixed with red cherry tomatoes. the yellow have 50 percent less acidity and great color to them. you have to select and store them right. when you buy the beautiful tomatoes you want to make sure the brighter yellow they are, like a light gold, the better they will be. free from shriveling. if you by then, on a trip like this, make sure there is no moister on the bottom because that is a telltale sign that there is today in there. when you bring them home, do not store them in the refrigerator. yellow tomatoes, they are so great, locally grown, also hot housing loan, both ways are delicious. i am tony tantillo, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that is sweet. >> signals are known to sweep down and steal food at bay area beaches
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>> what happens when they steal a camera? the taurus was taking in the sights and she put her camera down, it was still rolling when the seagull came down and grabbed it and took off across the water. the sea gull dropped off a few seconds later, that video now has over 60,000 used on youtube. the taurus was apparently running after him. >> i cannot believe he did not drop it in the water.
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